Gilles Caupenne

Teacher and practitioner

Gilles Caupenne was born in 1944, in Château-du-Loir, in Sarthe. His career mainly took place as a social worker in Paris and in the provinces.

His main training courses were: Public Works Manager – D.E.F.A and Direction of Social Enterprises. also passed the Common Core of the 1st degree State Certificate, in order to be able to teach Kinomichi.

His meeting with Me Noro dates from 1971, when the teaching of Me Noro was still Aikido. Gilles began teaching Aikido then Kinomichi in 1978, in several cities in France and in particular, for many years, in Reims.

He teaches today in Basel and Freiburg.
In love with music, he also plays French songs accompanied on guitar.

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