Eva-Maria Schulte

Teacher and practitioner

Eva-Maria is a Shiatsu teacher and practitioner at the ESI Institute (European Institute of Shiatsu) and IKT (Institute for Komplement Therapy), Shiatsu School in Switzerland Her initial training in Arts and Education led her to teaching at a high school in Germany for thirteen years.

Then she turned to personal development, Shiatsu and Kinomichi, energy and body research she has been teaching for many years. She discovered the teaching of Me Noro in the late seventies and teaches Kinomichi since 1989, in Germany, Switzerland and France.

Before beginning the Kinomichi, Eva-Maria practiced for many years Judo, Tai Chi Chuan and, above all, Aikido, which she practiced and taught while following the teaching of Me Asaï, responsible for the transmission of this art in Germany and great friend of Me Noro.

She continued her continuing education with Me Noro until his death. as well as internationally recognized Shiatsu teachers.

Eva-Maria Schulte

Swiss kinomichi

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