Pierre Willequet

Head of Education

Born in Brussels, Pierre Willequet is a doctor in Psychology (trained at the Faculty of Psychology in Geneva) and a psychoanalyst (graduated from the Carl Gustav Jung Institute in Zurich). He practices in private practice and has worked for a long time in a psychoanalytical orientation structure with children (from birth to 4 years old), accompanied by their parents.

His career with the Martial Arts began at the age of 11 with the practice of judo in Brussels. Trained in dramatic interpretation at INSAS (National Institute of Performing Arts in Brussels), he is introduced to vocal work, Eutonia, acrobatics and body language. during his studies. At 19, he met Aikido through a pupil of Master Noro and also attended, in 1979, the metamorphosis proposed by Me Noro of Aikido at Kinomichi.

Close to Karlfried Graf Dürckheim, he participated in the creation of the Center Dürckheim and Center Mirmande where he taught in the 80s Kinomichi and other bodily approaches (meditation, work on breathing, tone, contact .. .).

The first teacher to introduce Kinomichi in Switzerland, he creates an association and helps develop this art of movement on Swiss soil. He is currently responsible for teaching Kinomichi in Switzerland and runs the Geneva dojo. The many courseshe has led have taken him to Brazil, Italy, Belgium, France, Germany, Mexico, as well as to other countries.

He has also written numerous articles and several books.

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